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Why we don’t declare victory and we continue our petition for equine registration

April 21st 2022 a Ministry Decision no 726/107637 was published on national Gazette. According to this decision additional measures are set to establish an electronic database system for the registration and identification of domesticated equines. Also, equine passports to be issued.

We are in process of α legal opinion on the above ministry decision as a whole but in the meantime, we need to declare the following:

Article 20 of the ministry decision: Equine registration and identification will entry into force: six months after publication at the Government Gazzete which is April 21st 2022.

Article 19: Transitional provisions: institutions, companies and individuals have a further margin of 3 months after the entry into force of this ministry decision.

Conclusion: 6 months (article 20) + 3 months (article 19) = 9 months after publication in the Government Gazette = 21.1.2023

Providing that the electronic database is ready and in force, that equine passport documents are issued and that and there has been no complementary directive or regulation of the European Union.

For all the above we don’t declare victory and we go on with our petition. We need all of you by our side to protect equines in Greece.



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