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How to declare your equines

Equine registration and identification in Greece!!!

We are proud of our work because after a huge struggle we are achieving our goals for equine protection.

Following the ban of equine slaughter by law in 2019, our new victory is the implementation of EU Regulation on equine registration and identification. In particular, since October 20th 2022, the registration of facilities of breeding societies and equines has begun in application of the 726/107637 (Government Gazette B'2028/21.4.2022).

At the official webpage of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development you can find all the documents required for the declaration of equines such as: equine identification document and equine establishment code allocation.

Of course, in a country with a huge deficit in its control mechanism and the implementation of legislation, nothing is over, everything is just beginning.

We would like to thank all our donors because without their financial support we would not be able to file complaints at EU level and to cover attorneys' fees.

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