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virtual adoption

Virtual equine adoption program

Adopt an equine and support IPPOTHESIS

Become a virtual adopter by adopting yourself or as a gift on behalf of a loved one and support Ippothesis equine welfare society. This virtual adoption program can be made by schools, associations, companies, collectives, children or adults. 

How much does it cost: 120€ per year/ 60€ per 6 months / 10€ monthly

How your virtual adoption will help us: to cover Ippothesi’s monthly expenses: 1.150€ (stable establishment rent, stable hand for the rescued equines)

As a sponsor, you will receive an adoption certificate with beautiful pictures of your adopted animal. Your payment receipt and an update on the equine in spring and autumn. You may visit the farm and spend some time with us upon arrangement with one of our representatives.

In case the equine you have chosen will be adopted in a new establishment your virtual adoption will help another equine that you will choose as your favorite one.

Your support makes an impact in our work. Until today apart from saving and rehoming equines we focus on changing the way people treat them. Our goal is to stop equine abuse and neglect in Greece.


Among our legal achievements are:

- ban by law the breeding, export of Equidae for the production of fur, leather, meat or for the manufacture of pharmaceutical or other substances

- following our lobbying and written complaints at the EU Committee we forced our country to apply EU regulations on the equine registration and identification. Something that Greece should have implemented since 2008. Without traceability there is no protection.

our family


One of our favorite senior equines old people was found abandoned inside an old building and he was living among rubble, broken windows and iron materials.

He came to Greece as a sport horse and when his owner did not want to participate in competitions anymore, he became useless and unwanted. He was locked inside an abandoned building that used to be a school, without everyday access to food and water. Passers-by in the village who knew about the horse were feeding him, while sometimes his “owner” would throw some grass leftovers from the sheep he also owned.

It took months before we managed to get him to join our association. In addition of being malnourished and dehydrated, he had hoof rot and needed months of treatment.

He is a wonderful and calm character who does not want to be in the center of interest. He just wants to have friends and enjoy his life. He is the loyal friend you want to protect from harming. He truly loves spending time outdoors and enjoys the peace and security of his stable.


Our philosopher, our old guy who worked patiently for years in riding schools and groups. When he was no longer useful, he was sold by a well-known dealer as a riding horse for children.

A horse that can barely walk was sold for riding!!! Laminitis, hoof twist made him lying down for hours but day by day he is doing better. We have a long way to go but we are fighting together.  In the x-rays, it was found that possibly he was shot since shrapnel from a gun were observed.

One of the nicest characters with immense patience and a heart of gold. He has hurt, he has suffered and every day he tries more and more to overcome his problems. He is over twenty years old.


A growing up foal proving that puberty is exactly the same for all living beings.

He was tied in the corridor of a seed bed, raw-boned without any vet care and physical contact with other equines. We will never know when or if he was weaned from his mother or grabbed him away very early.

At the beginning he was a wild one but now he's just a spoiled brat who wants all the attention on him. He hangs out with Amadeus who is the only one who forces him not to do his usual mischief.

If you visit us at the stable and you don't deal with him, he will do everything he can to get all your attention. And he will succeed. He has turned four years old.


The other side of going through puberty he is a completely different character from Paris. He doesn't want to be the leader but to belong to the group, to be part of the herd.

He was not abused, just bred to be sold. But he never had the proper care so as to enjoy a better physical condition. 

He is a quiet guy enjoying spending his day outdoors and loves eating l his food at the paddock with the company of Patroklos. He still doesn't trust us completely, but he has every intention of accepting us as his family. He is three and a half years old.


He was born in a corral at the usual backyard breeding tactic, since in Greece everyone can have horses and breed them. He is not an easy character so he was spending hours tied up as a training method to learn to behave. At the age of one year old they decided that he could be "ridden" because why no equine is worth feeding when it can’t be used. As a solution they called a killer – trainer to handle him.

So, the first thing Zeus remembers are the chains and ropes inside his mouth because the suffering would make him obey. Videos of the killer trainer can be found via social media; he still trains dogs and horses.

The result was to abuse him so much that this horse ended attacking every human being that could approach him.  He loves all other animals except human kind.

His owners sold him and he was locked in another corral full of scrap metals. When we transferred him to our establishment, he was so weak he could barely stand. But the next day he has proven to us by kicking and biting, that he will hardly forget the abuse and pain he went through.

Today he lives in his own paddock, he loves candies and bathing. A trainer took over and the results are impressive. Every time Zeus sees Nikos's car, he even drops his food and goes to the door. We understand how much he likes that he finally can trust a man and enjoys the walk they do together around the estate. He will soon be four years old.

He still needs a lot of time to calm down and enjoy his life without get panicked and aggressive.


He was tied up in the same pen as Zeus and also experienced the same kill trainer. His easier to handle character saved him from the same pain Zeus had to go through. Also, he was lucky because he had a bad fall from an illegal transport vehicle. That gave him the chance to save himself from the cruel trainer but he crushed his front legs and was abandoned without any care. He also entered the "not useful" category despite the fact he is only 7 years old.

Completely different from Zeus, he is not an attacker but he is still on a permanent defense. He has calmed down a lot though every time he is not sure of your intentions, he lowers his ears and takes on a the "I am waiting to see what you want from me" style.

Easy going and gentle big guy with the other animals and he really likes to spend hours free in the paddock.


Babbo was found tied up near a road and looked like a breathing skeleton. We decided not to transfer her to Athens and asked Maria Liga at KETHIS (Serres Therapeutic Riding Center) to keep her in their establishment and we took over her medical and feed expenses. Her pour condition and her age didn’t allow us to transport her In our facilities.

Today, she is the mascot of KETHIS, everyone loves her and especially Vangelis who takes everyday care of her. When it's time to eat, wherever she is on the estate, she gallops back so she doesn't miss a bite.

The only cost for Ippothesis is €100 per month for her special food mixture since she cannot properly chew. 



If he wasn’t such a fighter he would never survive hanging by a hillside for hours with hobbled legs.

Upon his arrival he showed us with his behavior that even if he is a short guy, he is big in stubbornness and strength. He is a born leader and it is a shame that at such a young age he has only known violence and abuse. The first time we tried to touch him he "talked" to us with his body language about what he has been through.

He is not aggressive at all he just tries to protect himself from anything that would bring memories of his abuse. He is a five year old Star as he was named by his godmother the activist and actress Tania Trypi.

With lots of treats and patience he allows us to take care of him.


The first time our phone rang for Amadeus we were informed about a horse that had fallen from an illegal car carriage on the side street of Attica Road. We went to the spot but couldn't find him. Apparently, they reloaded him back on the illegal transportation.

After a few days we were informed of a horse in an industrial area that was lying down and dying. A vet was sent immediately given him first aid assistance, he drank water with difficulty and after many hours he was able to stand up again. His legs were shaking and he was walking with difficulty but he desperately wanted to get inside the lorry and leave the nightmare.

He was transferred to our place where he was given serums, injections, vitamins, proper care for his hooves, legs and for the next months he walked with much difficulty.

He comes from the backyard trade line of mixing breeds from a certain island with Spanish horses and he was used for breeding and probably horse carriage.

Today he is a senior fighter who faces all problems his allergies cause him and he is no longer afraid at all. 


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