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Rescuing two horses and one dog

The case of the rescue of two horses and a dog ended in the best possible way, with their final removal ordered by the Deputy Prosecutor of the First Instance Court of Lamia, Mr. Dimoulas.

The animals lived permanently tied up to columns, indoors between various dangerous materials, malnourished, without any vet or other care. Due to abuse and poor management one of the two horses is extremely aggressive, it is one of the most difficult and dangerous incidents we have faced. The second horse has strong phobias in the presence of people while the dog, if one excludes its wretched skinny condition, as soon as he realized that he was saved, we found out he is a wonderful puppy full of desire to live.

For their rescue, a chain of volunteers was formed from day one that we were informed until Tuesday, March 1st when the animals came to our care. We were fortunate and honored to work with wonderful people, some of whom we met for the first time due of of this incident and they all helped in the best possible way. We owe a very big thank you to Mr. Georgios Kanellos at the General Regional Police Directorate of Central Greece and Mr. Skarmoutsos, Commander of Police station Department of Lamia. Both after we filed our complaint, they immediately initiated the procedures for the investigation of the case and the rescue of the animals. A very big hug to Mrs. Mai Zanni who has been an important assistant in the work of our association the last year.

To our volunteer Vasiliou Vasiliki who introduced us to Maria Spiropoulou a great person who immediately allocated the horse truck and her time to leave Volos, go to Lamia, bring the animals to Athens and return in the same evening back to her home in Volos!!!!

Μάρθα Πουλτίδου who gave us important advice and guidance throughout the process and

Chrysanthi Karagianni , legal representative of the Panhellenic Group against animal abuse in the county of Fthiotida, who left her job to give loading help with the animals. Roula Stouraiti who came and helped us take the puppy at a dogs kennels.

Special thanks to the Hellenic Equestrian Federation - Ελληνική Ομοσπονδία Ιππασίας which during the seven years of operation of our society has always opened the door of its facilities whenever we need it. If they were not helping us, would not be able to save these horses today.

Our everyday life would not be possible without the help of Yiannis and his family who clean and take care of our horses and our stable establishment, but also every volunteer who dedicates even a little of his time to our Ippothesis.

Your kind donations are more than welcomed via Paypal or online Banking

Donations through our bank account you are kindly requested to give us full information, such as name and address, and send it to us to our Email so we will provide you your receipt.



ACCOUNT : 970002002003966

IBAN : GR3101409700970002002003966


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