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Report equine cruelty and neglect

A short guide to save equines in need

You may call the police to report equine cruelty and neglect, or contact us.

Make sure you have a good description of the equine and the location, if it is possible take photos or videos and get the google location

Take note of the date and time you saw the equine or equines.

Give us a good description of the equine as is possible

Give details of what the complaint relates to, is the equine suffering in any way? Is it abandoned? There is no shelter, food or water? Does equine have long feet? Is the animal malnourished? Injured or lame? Is the animal hobbled? If you are not familiar with equines see the body score condition to state the condition of the animal pages 29,30

Send us your contact info which will be used only by our volunteers for further questions

Have you already contacted authorities or another animal welfare association? What happened?

Don’t hesitate to ask us, you may save a life



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