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Ippothesis first annual adoption

Updated: May 1, 2021

William was found two years ago locked inside an abandoned old school. Nobody was providing him daily water and hay except as much as he needed during the week so that he wouldn’t die.

He was extremely emaciated and since he was not useful to the owners he had no vet or farrier care. His hooves were almost rotten which caused pain when he was walking. Public vet who examined him after our complaint, placed him at level 1 at the body score condition examination, as level 0 is the dead animal.

To be honest we didn’t expect him to recover but he is a fighter and one of the most gentle creatures we have ever met.

He has been with us ever since and William will not be given away for adoption because the effects of such a malnutrition on the health of an elderly horse are permanent.

Mrs. Nathalie Papastavrou Keusseoglou has generously offered to a yearly virtual adoption covering his expenses to purchase hay, vitamins and supplements, blood tests, dental care, barefoot and any expense related to his welfare.

A very big thank you from all of us and especially William for her big support and interest. #HelpuSavEquines #ippothesis_equine_welfare #dont_be_silent_in_their_abuse #be_their_voice

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