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About the horse in Veroia

Updated: May 1, 2021

UPDATE May 4th 2020

Sunday, April 19, we were informed about a horse that was dying, unable to get up. First thing according to the national legislation on protecton of all animals, was to file a written coplaint and an investigation request on this case addressed to the local Hellenic Police Station. Unfortunately, there was no answer. We were informed by people interested in saving the animail who called the local police station, that police authorities verbally recommended us to take precautionary measures. No comments.... Then a local animal welfare association undertook dealing with this incident. Equine specialized vet Mr Nikos Diakakis was called to examine and verify physical condition of the horse. Animal is having a congenital problem but it was left completely on its own for a long time without any veterinary care. From the first moment, alleged owners adopted the view that they only own this horse for a month and took it to save it from the slaughterhouse. (?) The tragic condition of the horse is not a result of a few months neglect and certainly poor creature wasn't able to be transported to the spot a month ago.

If they really wanted to save it, they could at least provide the horse with water, shade and some hay. We know that we became annoying and were disliked as an equine welfare society by insisting that the alleged owners should pass ownership to a welfare association, since police during whole time was off duty.

This finally happened and today ownership of the horse belongs to the "animal lovers association of Imathia". They collected the money needed to buy painkillers and vet bill. Claire Mourmouri and Rosa Roussou, as sensitized citizens, covered the amount expenses for the transportation and stable establishment cost until an admission can be made to the Veterinary Clinic of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki ( proof of deposit is available to anyone interested). Chances for this abused animal to recover are minimum, but we strongly beleive we owe this young horse the right to try.

We proposed that a bank account of the clinic should be given for those interested to support financially.

Final decision will be made by the owners of the horse and we will do our best to help them despite our difficult financial situation.

Udate 25th April 2020

No response from Hellenic Police, only through internet we were informed a local animal welfare will take over this case.

April 19th 2020

Following an online information about a horse unable to stand on its feet in the area of Veria and the fact that the owner claims horse was born like this, we submitted a letter to Hellenic Police asking immediate vet examination of the horse, update on vet's opinion and prosecute those responsible for this horrible situation of the horse.


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