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Preparing our sanctuary for the winter

We have started preparations at the sanctuary to get ready for the winter.

We have ordered more hay to fill up the gaps at the barn. Now is the time because later we will pay hay at the price of gold.

All our blankets were washed, disinfected and stored in the new cabinet we bought.

Michalis and Athina have glued the treadmill tires on the ramp which leads from the paddock to the inner stables. This way the corridor is safer for our rescued who have damaged hooves and don’t walk properly.

Last preparation is to replace the broken wooden sides in our shelter with better quality. So, equines are safe and even on cold days wearing their blankets they can spend time outside for more hours.

At the same time, we have to cover our monthly expenses, which we can do mainly with your donations and our own money.

Thank you all very much.

We still exist because you help us.

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