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It is not about tools….

Following our visit on Saturday July 1st at the cliff where dead horses are melting, we have sent a letter to the Public Prosecutor for the Protection of Animals requesting to investigate the ownership of the dead horses because both of them are microchipped.

There are associations in which those dead equines were registered.

The text is dedicated to those who believe equines are tools.

Which one of the two dead horses that were thrown off the cliff is yours?

Was the one who gave you joys? For him you bought beautiful accessories?

Look at them how today…

Helpless body, without the strength to look at you to understand why you did this to him.

Did they convince you that if you pay well, they will go and bury him? Tariff starts from 500€ to 1000€

You didn't ask where they will take him?

Anyway, you didn’t care. He wasn't useful to you anymore so why bother what they would do wiht his dead body.

It was just enough that you got rid of him.

Rocks were nailed to his sides, head and face were scratched, no one was able to move him for burial or cremation so he will stay there where the carrier threw both of them.

You must be proud of yourself that he is dying every day.

It's a shame you didn't remember to take off his horseshoes.

To be able to put them to the new horse, your new tool. Until of course the new one will become useless too…

I would like to tell I don’t feel sorry for him anymore.

At least he was saved from you…

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