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Working equidae in Greece

Updated: May 1, 2021

Those images prove horse drawn carriage neglect and cruelty in Greece. Look at the neglected hooves, the way horse is standing because of pain, listen to its body language, and look at the strong metal inside its mouth instead of a normal bit. Is it possible for a 32 year old horse to work hard? Where do they disappear when they are no more needed? Who is the vet who always signs their certificates? Is there any water bucket in the so called “stable establishment” where they keep them?

In our country there is no legislative frame for equines, no registration. Working equidae are left in their fate according to what the owner approves to be an equine welfare. When owners are licensed by Municipalities their only obligation is to sign a contract stating they are responsible for animals’ health and welfare. Under which conditions and rules?

As an equine welfare society we have enough evidence to prove cruelty of working animals all over the country, Chalkidiki, Aegina, Zakynthos, Nafplio, Ileia, Agkistri, Kalamata, Kifissia etc.

We have multiple times delivered written propositions and frames to the authorities regarding to equine welfare. Remain always at the disposal of any official authority to re-submit and save equines in Greece.



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