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Withdrawal of the Anti-Environmental Bill

Updated: May 1, 2021

Environmental movements and collectives, among them Ippothesis Panhellenic Equine Welfare Society, we ask the IMMEDIATE WITHDRAWAL OF THE ANTI-ENVIRONMENTAL BILL titled "MODERNISATION OF ENVIRONMENTAL LEGISLATION".

Nature is all creatures home and we owe her respect. Pandemic proved to humans how much we need our home indicating the immediate need for a change of course in environmental management.

Please read the text and co sign the petition, we need to reach more than 20.000 signatures on Monday. Same day 4th of May there we be demonstrations across the country, against this environmental bill. If you can please support the demonstrations.

IPPOTHESIS will participate in the demonstration which will take place in Athens outside Greek Parliamenton Monday May 4th at 18.00 hours complying with all applicable hygiene protection rules.



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