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Welfare after horse racetrack

Updated: May 1, 2021

Press release

June 5th 2020, our equine welfare society has submitted a memorandum to the Ministry of Culture and Sport, the Ministry of Rural Development and Food and the "Jockey Club of Greece" on the subject, "Question of violation on the part of Jockey Club of Greece (F.E.E.) its institutional obligation to ensure the well-being of the horse races after the cessation of their competitive activity ".

Although the Board of F.E.E. is required under Art. 2§1 Law 399/1968, as amended by article 47 Law 4603/2019, to adopt a decision stipulating equine welfare after stopping their racing activity, however the F.E.E. has not complied with its above obligation. As a result of this violation, the traces of the horses that are removed from its racetracks are lost, which of course serves all kinds of equine abusers.

Our society and its legal adviser, trying to break the chain of illegal trade and food scandal that ensues, filed a memorandum addressed to the authorities, urging them to comply with the letter of the law, ensuring the well-being of equines after their competitive activity at horse race track ends.



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