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We need your help to cover hay expenses

Updated: May 1, 2021


We would like to thank all our friends who have already donated through our bank or paypal account.

For those using our bank account please let us know via our email your email address so we can send your donation receipt.

You may also use our crowdfunding campaign at GoGetFunding

Once our campaign is over at the end of May we will inform everybody of the total amount of donations including the amoung donated using our bank and paypal account.

A big thank you to each one of you For the one who deposited even 1 € because we know that in today's global crisis we all face it a valuable gesture. Also the one who doated € 500 and wants to remaing anonymous. There are no words to express our gratitude.


While world is facing challenges of fast spreading virus killing thousands of people, we face our challenge to survive and feed our equines.

Donations have dramatically decreased while our grant appeals have been rejected before virus was spread. Foundations in general don't focus as a priority to equine welfare.

No state or private subsidies and no EU grant has never been given to us.

Donations come from friends and people willing to help us. The five years of our association's operation only two companies contributed one-off: a few months ago a food chain brand offered a small amount and two years ago a businessman paid medical expenses for ambutated foal. Several times private donations from people who wish to remain anonymous helped us continue saving equines.

We need your help to pay our hay expenses for equines we saved from abuse and neglect.

Every small amount matters.

Each one of you donating 1€ can help us continue.

Share our need

#besafe THANK YOU

photo by @faypitta

Every donation matters so as to be able to cover only hay expenses for next four months total cost 2.400€

If you help us exceed amount we need for hay expenses we will be able to use extra money on buying a portable shelter to resue more equines in need.

you may use paypal

or through our beneficiary bank account


ACCOUNT : 970002002003966

IBAN : GR3101409700970002002003966


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