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The story of young horse named, Paris

Updated: May 1, 2021

Young horse named Paris, only one and a half year old, was living alone without being taken care properly as he deserves to. He can’t speak and tell us his story, where he was born? When was he was taken away from his mother? Why was he isolated from other equines, something that is very important for horses, especially young ones because it allows the development of normal social behaviors? Why he was not provided daily with water and food? Didn't they see that he had lost weight? Why didn't they clean the area which was full of manure and parasites and the animal was full of worms?

Why did they get him for? Breeding or for the profit of trading? What happens to all those animals that are bred at an outrageous rate to satisfy traders and are never registered, remaining anonymous, thanks to the ambitious efforts of the competent ministry officials?

We submitted a request at the police for an investigation into the living conditions of the specific animal. The official opinion confirmed that they were inappropriate, violating all living conditions of the animal welfare. Unfortunately, the term "inappropriate" for the majority of equine owners in our country is completely normal.

The decision of the Prosecutor's Office, despite the violation of the horse welfare rules which was confirmed by the public veterinary service, was once again the usual: "temporary removal" of the animal. This actually means that our society cannot proceed with the promotion of its adoption, until the case is adjudicated and the horse will be given to us with a final removal. It may take 3-4 years for this to happen, for example the case of the hell “establishment” in the area of Aspropyrgos, December 2016 has not yet been heard. Imagine we still had 12 more equines with a temporary removal which was originally given to us for that case...

For the above reason and despite the fact there was adoption interest for him, he had to undergo the hassle of long hours of transportation and come to us since we were offered a stable establishment temporarily.

We would like to warmly thank Irini Fragkiadaki Ειρήνη Φραγκιαδάκη who took over Paris and by loving and treating him gently, she taught him not to be afraid of people, not to attack and to socialize with other equines. He started eating and gaining the weight due to his height and age, but mainly to calm down and trust.

We strongly believe that equines should enjoy many hours of freedom and socialization with other animals they will live together.

Next days, as soon as he calms down from the trip and establish himself he will adapt with his new family.

Your kind donations are more than welcomed, even 1 € helps us to save equines like young Paris.

Since, no private or state sponsorship is given to us, our only help, our only support to keep saving equines is through your donations.

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