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Support our EU Petition 1076/2019

Updated: May 1, 2021

Our EU petition no 1076/2019 on lack of equidae traceability because of EU law breach by Greek authorities is now uploaded and appears at PETI Portal. It is also open to supporters and we ask you to empower equines protection and be our petition supporter.

You have to log in and please strengthen our voice by clicking on "support the petition" at the bottom of the page.

Until today, July 18, we have 30 supporters and you can check it through option of pdf print 1076/2019.

Without traceability there can not be any equine protection and welfare. Day one of our foundation we fight so as to apply EU Legislation to National along with electronic database function and this is why we also filed the written complaint CHAP (2019) 01176 in the EU. and the

At the same time, we have submitted proposals for the creation of an institutional framework for the protection of all equidae as well as a code of welfare principles.

After the submission of our proposals to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development based on the guidelines of the World Organization for Animal Health concerning working equidae, Ministry issued a letter on 2.8.2018 protocol number 1837/108300 but that was not a legislation.



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