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Easter of one, doesn’t need to be the Calvary of another.

On the occasion of the Easter holidays, you will visit tourist destinations, you will be with friends and family, you want to have a good time.

Before using working equines, consider that your entertainment is their suffering.

Tacked up for hours, without access to water, often with little food, waiting for the customers.

You are the customer.

Your decision to use another sentient being is the cause of his suffering and abuse.

Look at the horse in this photo.

Would you get on the carriage that this poor animal is forced to drag? Do you think he feels good?

Look at his body, look into his eyes as much as you can beyond the blinders. Read the signs on his body and soul.

No law protects this animal. Why don't you protect him?

You don’t need more information of his abuse. All you need is to feel his pain.


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