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Reality for ex race horses, life and death

According to Law 4603/14.3.2019 on “ Professional Sports Committee and other provisions ", Article 47, Amendment of article 2 of the law 399/1968 shall be replaced by the following: "Competence of the Jockey Club of Greece" (ib) shall ensure that measures are taken and the competent bodies shall, where appropriate, adopt rules and measures to improve the quality of thoroughbreds and to ensure welfare of horses during their racing activity and after they retire from horse races”

We found this three year old ex race horse locked, rotting inside a warehouse. Bought from a trader who usually buys every week from race track, so as to sell them in a much better price for example 500€ and more. Obviously, this particular mare had health problems so instead of euthanasia which costs, it was better to left her die. This is why they even sealed all windows.

Nobody helped us to save this animal, no one ever heard about equine traceability specially for ex race horses.

Most disappointed situation was that even before police arrived night we found this abused animal, a representative of animal welfare association came to support the abuser – horse dealer.

From the ministry The Saint of traders we are pretty sure there is nothing they will do about equine welfare. There isn’t even registration or an electronic database for equines in Greece.

Our next step will be European courts knowing this will take long but at least this procedure will get the results we need to protect equines in Greece.

You can find a relevant document for this post at section “Archive” of our website (DOCUMENT 17.pdf)


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