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New written question addressed to competent commissioner

Updated: May 1, 2021

Following written complaint against Ministry of Agriculture for not apply European regulations concerning equidae registration and identification, our written petition on the same subject which would enable put an end to equine abuse and neglection, a few days ago with the contribution of Intergroup for the welfare and conservation of animals, we applied a new letter to the commissioner Mrs. Stella Kyriakides signed by MEP's.

Specifically with our letter we inform commissioner that in our country there is no registration and control mechanism despite the fact that both Ministry of Agriculture and Jockey club of Greece do have a registration code on the global UELN platform. Also, that EU Regulation 504/2008 was never implemented and subsequent EU Regulation 2015 / 262 follows same fate. Even registered according to directives equines when no longer useful disappear without any authority knowing either how they live or under which circumstances they die. Competent authorities do not apply any of the incorporated Community directives concerning their categorization in practice. The same applies to transport equestrian EU Regulation where even in official races one can easily locate illegal trucks. For working equidae there is absolutely no legislation, those animals are completely unprotected.

Our letter to the commissioner is signed by the Vice President of the European Parliament, Mr Dimitris Papadimoulis, Mrs Anja Hazekamp MEP and President of the Animal Welfare Intergroup and the MEPs in alphabetical order:

Kostas Arvanitis, Anna - Michel Assimakopoulou, Petros Kokkalis, George Kirtsos, Maria Spirakis.

We thank them very much for their important contribution to make our voice be heard inside the European Parliament.

Through coordinated actions at National and Community level we will force those responsible in our country to do what they are elected for.



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