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Marily Roumie, healing soul and body

Marily Roumie is an accredited Shiatsu therapist, a member of tESA and a founding member of IPPOTHESIS.

Most of the time, we don’t know about the past living conditions of the horses we rescue. However, through their behavior and reactions, we are able to understand the degree of abuse they have been through, among other things.

Through Shiatsu, Marily provides the appropriate course of treatment in order to enhance the immune system, mobility and overall well-being of the animal. It is worth mentioning that Shiatsu therapy is considered a successful therapy φορ many health conditions such as muscle tension-pain (waist, back, lower limbs), strain injuries, arthritis, weakness, digestive disorders, and many others. Also effectively relieves the animal of stress, nervousness, depression and even phobias.

Therefore, animals abused due to poor living conditions or mistreatment, receive for the first time in their life treatment, relief, real care and love.

Patroclus (the white horse) is an old age rescued horse! From the marks on his body, we conclude that he has worked endless hours probably as a school horse…... In particular, his hooves were in poor condition before his trimming treatment, as well as swollen tendons, stiff muscles, body aches and lack of mobility due to pain of his hooves that wasn’t allowing him to walk properly.

During his treatment, Patroclus was patient and receptive. After this first treatment, his muscles relaxed, resulting in a noticeable improvement in his walking. Furthermore, and as expected, we noticed the first signs of well-being. He was in a better mood and gratitude appeared both on his body and on his face.

Centaur is younger, about 3.5 years old and extremely calm. He appeared to be in a better condition compared to Patroclus; muscle atrophy was observed on the right side of the neck, while on the left side intense muscle contraction. As a result of the limited growth space as we know, Centaur, from a young age, did not have enough space to run free in order to obtain a proper development of its body and mobility in general. After a series of treatments, proper nutrition and of course with Marily's help, we expect to bring this horse back to a more balanced physical condition.

Looking forward to Marily again, we would like to thank her for her healing work, which is extremely important for the equines we rescue and rehome.


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