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Loosing your freedom

A few weeks ago, due to fields destruction, an equine herd living in the area of Grevena was captured by the Municipality of this town and locked inside a football field.

Mares with foals that breastfeed, deprived from their freedom are forced to live without any protection from the weather, misfed, quite malnourished, stressed, standing night and day on their manure, without any protocol crisis management plan.

The only thing the authorities know is that they will auction them on May 3rd, 2022.

In our letter today we ask the Minister of Rural Development and Food to stop this crime.

They need to register this equine society which was propably subsidized in the past, to prepare a database for animals and the future owners who are interested on them, but most important to give the appropriate time for the weaning of the younger animals.

The law which the Municipality claims to auction them does not concern Equidae.

We remind you that the slaughter of equidae and the export for slaughter from Greece is illegal. We ask for the assistance of international organizations to stop the abuse of horses in Grevena.

photo copyright by Animal Welfare team of Grevena


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