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Let's talk about equine trade in Greece

Updated: May 1, 2021

In Greece if you are an equine trader you don't need any ownership or breeder certificate to deal with equine trade because competent ministry and authorities protect you in the best possible way they can.

Whether you bring equines from a neighboring country or you buy cheap "raw material" from retired sport equidae, then you only need to tie them up in the fields for breeding. Sometimes you are clever enough to keep a couple of equines inside "stable establishment" so as to look as a nice guy to your future clients.

Just breed, sell and you're ok as a trader with undeclared profit.

You just need a simple peace of paper with no identification details or equine diagram. The needed veterinarian stamp you may accidently keep it on you.

You borrowed it?

It's a lot of money, Black Beauty.

Registration and identification of equidae in our country even for microchipped equines with passport is not available. No recognized association maintains a record and the competent ministry is not aware of the word "traceabilitiy".

At the same time ministry maintain officially codes at the UELN (universal equine life number platform) just to justify subsidies for specific equine race.

This is another long and sad story..

In the photo to the right is a young horse found tied up in Megara area. Definitive removal is ordered by prosecutors in Greece only if the equine is dying.

Left is the same foal for sale but they uploaded a photo when foal was younger so as not to be recognized.

How this animal was weaned, its welfare condition and which sales documents traders use, is a hell with many patrons.

But none of them protect the animals.



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