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Legislation for equines in Greece

Updated: May 1, 2021

On the occasion of an activist member of Network for Animals who was beaten by animal owners while trying to film bad practices againts equines in Santorini we would like to highlight the following on legislation for equines in Greece: 1. Since 2015, that we have been set up officially as an association, we depostit letters to the competent Ministry of Rural Development asiking to create an institutional framework and welfare rules to protect equidae.

2. We have denounced this Ministry to the European Commission for the lack of registration and identification of equidae through microchip and an electronic database. Very simple: we do not know how many they are, where they live, how they live and how they die.

3. For equines that work, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development issued a letter of 8.8.2018 which reproduces some good practice rules as reported by the World Organization for Animal Health. We delivered these specific rules as an association to the Ministry on August 6, 2018.

The letter they issued is NOT legislation.

4. We have not participated in any meeting with the Mayor of that particular island. Let's remind that during this meeting last year another assault on activists was repeated.

5. Greece is full of working equines which that the vast majority of them when they are no longer useful, disappear.

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