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Island of Kos part 2

Updated: May 1, 2021

On the occasion of a dead horse on the island of Kos we applied a complaint date 7.12.2019 addressed to the Police, Municipality and Veterinary Service in an effort to identify the owner and investigate causes of the unfortunate animal's death.

A month after our letter was sent the only response to our complaint was from the Department of Environment and Cleanliness of Kos Municipality to informe us that in case we need a digging machine we should contact the Technical Services Department.

At least they did respond to our letter….

Competent authorities believe that by not answering our letters, everything will be forgotten. They need to understand that IPPOTHESIS association was created only for the purpose of changing data for equines in Greece and we will succeed.

Photo belongs to a horse of the same “owner” which died last year.


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