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Carlito's story

Updated: May 1, 2021

Carlito was one of the foals saved by our society from kill buyers. He was very young when his mother died of malnutrition.

Probably his mother was burned as soon as she fell down because of weakness. We have the a photo but can't recognize if it is her or another poor animal.

Traders put in the breeding chain any living creature that can stand up always with the blessings of the competent authorities.

And of course their customers, we must never forget it.

So this baby was born with a hereditary musculoskeletal problem on the hind legs that made it very difficult to be sold.We found him chained in a slum to rot on dirt without water and food.

He was last spotted before we left with the rest of the confiscated equine by Tina Psimopoulou

Near him were rotting other tools - horses as well as a hawk in an iron cage, terrified and aggressive.

We will never forget his eyes and the way he was looking at us. Totally lifeless, helpless in the hands of his killers and exploiters.

If he was left behind at this "breeder's" place as the veterinary service certifies him, he would be used as another breeding tool. He is a beautiful creature who could bring them money.

Today he gallops freely and has an appetite for life. He looks at you in the eyes, he is no longer afraid and loves to play around.

We owe this wonderful life to vet Konstantinos Kourmpelis. No one wanted a horse that would never been ridden.

Horsemanship has limits when it comes to rescue.


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