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Building trust and confidence

Updated: May 1, 2021

Paris was taken away from his owner due to bad welfare conditions following a complaint. He was examined by public vet and the prosecutor ordered his removal from its owner.

This very young horse was living alone without food and water. On August 8th he arrived in my establishment after I offered myself to help with his hospitality until a final decision is made by the prosecutor and Paris can now go to his eternal family.

The almost 2 year old baby pony was terribly aggressive. He was defending himself and his food that was deprived so much. Today he has calmed down a lot and has started to trust those around him. But he still needs time to fully understand that he is no longer in danger and of course for his body to gain the right weight.

Any help is valuable to him as he is just a baby that needs good food and right behavior to achieve the development he needs.


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