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Blacky, the story of a rescued horse

Blacky came to us exactly a year ago in a miserable state. Malnourished, without any care, he lived permanently tied up in an enclosed space full of irons and dirt. With his head bowed, captive to a fate that no creature on earth deserves.

The story of the equines we save can be told after a long time by reading the signs on their bodies and looking in their eyes. On his skinny body we felt his hunger, in his frightened movements his lack of confidence for people, in his legs we could see the wounds he endured. If he could speak, he would have opened his heart to us.

Today he feels stronger and he needs his time to trust people but he is one of the bravest horses we have taken care of.

He wants to have the happy life he deserves. Blacky is one of the horses that will not be adopted since he is not suitable for riding, for children to play with, in short words he is not as useful as an equine should be so as to have the right to live.

But for us he is the giant with the golden heart.

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