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Ban equine slaughter

Updated: May 1, 2021

It is with great satisfaction we find that the request of the President of the Panhellenic Animal Welfare Federation (PFO), Mrs. Irini Molfesis, for a ban of horse slaughter, was accepted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Regional Development.

When the first words codified by the ideograms of the Knossos Linear B script were i-qo and a-to-ro-qo, man and horse, the tolerance of equestrian slaughter was, especially for our country, a cultural diversion. In Greek culture, equines was not food for the Greeks, but their equal companions in peace and war.

We welcome the addition of a ban on equestrian slaughter to national law, a very substantial initiative and a nice symbolism at the time of the return of the 8th century BC bronze statuette in GREECE.

Thousands of years ago, Xenophon stated that those who beat them frightened them. How much fear and despair they must feel when they hit them on the head to fall down so as to slaughter and scratch them.

In a century when pandemics are proving with scientific theories that human society should globally reconsider the way it treats the planet and animals. For Hippocrates we are what we eat and today is we find diseases caused by the toxins of the terrified carcasses that tremble at the savage and industrialized death for which they are destined.

We still have a long way to go because the "slaughterers" in Greece have partners everywhere and they are helped by the lack of a legal framework. In our country may be foals are slaughtered because they have clean meat, maybe the horsemeat is mixed in slaughterhouses with other slaughtered animals, maybe wild animals are fed with equines, a lot of maybes and a lot of what we are aware of....

Σφαγείο αλόγων - horse slaughter photo image by internet

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