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All dogs are adopted

Updated: May 1, 2021

Dogs looking for a new family after losing their own

A year ago our friend Pantelis, who helped us a lot in everyday care with one of our rescued horses, died. We had promised him that we would take care of his three dogs.

We kept our promise and with great assistance of Haris Papadopoulos Grande Passione Corso they are now socialized as at the equestrian centre in Markopoulo where they were living were not allowed to be free.

Today they are dewormed, cured of every disease and neutered. Medium-size, 5-year-old, they'll be micro chipped in the name of the new owner with an adoption contract from our society.

Tarzan (black color with white spots) is perfectly friendly with humans and animals, Blacky (all-black) is also calm and friendly. Kanellos (brown and smaller size) hesitates in the beginning with humans but without being aggressive, it would be ideal for anyone who adopts him to be experienced and patient with him.

All three are friendly to the other dogs, but we don't know about cats.

They have never lived inside an apartment and our wish is to be adopted all together at a farm.

Until today our association has covered all their expenses without any assistance though we have asked for help.

We'll keep taking care of them until we find the family which will love them.

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