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A new rescued case

Updated: May 1, 2021

Police department of Faistos in Crete informed us that the district attorney ordered removal of this horse. We had asked them for a survey on the welfare conditions and since July 20th food and water was provided to this horse following orders of the police station first officer. Equines need proper care and demand expensions for their welfare.

Today this young stallion was transported to a farm on our behalf so as to get wormed, to be fed properly and examined by an equine vet when one is available.

​Initial expenses for this animal are as follows: 250€ (transportation from Fiastos to Siteia) purchase of hay for at least one month and a half 200€

Next will be blood test and vet control approximately 100€

Every donation matters specially now that we hardly managed to collect money for our outdoor shelter.

You may use payapal or our association's bank account in ALPHA BANK


ACCOUNT : 970002002003966

IBAN : GR3101409700970002002003966

You may also buy one of our items by visiting our e-shop

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