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One promise

Updated: May 1, 2021

Pantelis who was working at the Jockey club of Greece in Markopoulo, has died on June 11th He was the man who helped Ippothesis cure an abused horse which he loved and looked after the best way he could. He had three dogs which he found abandoned when they were puppies. Only one of his friends, θεοδωρος χριστουλακης who is working at the equestrian center was looking after them. We promised Pantelis, last day we visited him at the hospital, that if anything happens we will help his dogs. Only possible scenario was that the Municipality would take and put them back to the streets. We couldn’t let this happen so with the assistance of Ιωάννης Δανιόλος we took them away. We moved them into one of the best hosting sites animals owned by Haris Papadopoulos, the Grande Passione Corso Kennel in Lavrio. Even though it is a summer month, in which everybody is using pension for dogs Mr. Papadopoulos gave a very special offer which allows us to help these dogs. We would like to remind you that in the same dog center for the last 10 months is hosted for free a dog from the fire damages in Mati last July, which has not yet found a family to adopt him. We owe to this man a big thank you and our gratitude for giving us the chance to save them all. Also, a friend of our association who would like to remain anonymous has covered financially the first month for the dogs at the kennel. Last month, same friend helped us cope with in our huge expenses (hay, rent, straw). Without her support we wouldn’t be here today.


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