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New year same fight against equine abuse

Updated: May 1, 2021

IPPOTHESIS, Pan-Hellenic Equine Welfare society has submitted again today a letter addressed to the Minister of Rural Development and food, Mr. Voridis.

In this letter we have once more emphasized the need to integrate European Community legislation on identification and registration of equidae, to ask not to categorize them only as production animals, the emerge need to establish an institutional framework and a group of expert equines veterinarians to check animal welfare rules. For all the above we have already deposited written proposals through the past years. And if needed we are ready to submit them again.

In the year 2020 in Greece we do not know how many equines exist, who are the owners, if they respect their welfare needs, how they die, if they are backyard slaughtered, how they disappear when not needed any more.

Solidarity to traffickers and abusers we will make sure it will stop.

We also deposited a new appeal to meet the Minister. Since our first request on July 22nd is still pending for our representatives to have a meeting with the Minister.

(Cartoon image by Chuck Ingwersen)

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