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Joint action with Peta

UPDATE 9th December 2019 Final text of joint action with Peta De about helping working equidae is addressed to the Minisrly of Agriculture. Association which supported a kill buyer when we tried to save an ex race horse, is excluded. At the time we didn't file a lawsuit but if necessary we will provide evidence which proves what really happened.

Following this development, we are signing a joint effort to stop the abuse of working equines, hobble and treatment with no respect for their lifes.

*You can find a relevant document for this post at section “Archive” of our website (Document 22 pdf.)

Video from Oia showing hobbled equidae trying to walk in the middle of the road proves that nothing has changed.

During the winter equiedae carry all the materials needed to build homes without complying with welfare rules concerning weight loaded.

Working equidae exist throughout Greece and the competent authorities must protect them and not ignore their abuse. The campaign is backed by Athens-born Mötley Crüe Drummer, Tommy Lee, 57, who called out the 'sickening abuse' of donkeys on the idyllic Greek island in a letter, written on behalf of PETA.

Minister replied that control mechanism will be intesified. But without law framework that was a a policy response.


November 29th Ippothesis doesn't cosign joint action with Peta De

A few months ago international organization Peta DE asked for our assistance in a joint effort to pressure the competent authorities in Greece to stop the abuse of equidae.

We assisted in the text and provided a lot of evidence of abuse in our country so that a letter could be sent to the relevant Ministry.

Unfortunately, the organization did not inform us of all the organizations that would cosign and we disagree on the protection that one of them provides to traders.

We have withdrawn our signature and wish them all the best in their joined effort.


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