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Support Hay & Shelter funding

Έγινε ενημέρωση: 12 Απρ 2021

Please support and share our need to cover hay and shelter expenses.

While the world is facing the challenges of a fast spreading virus killing thousands of people, we face our own challenges to survive and feed our equines.

Donations have dramatically decreased while our grant appeals have been rejected even before virus outbreak.

Foundations in our country don't consider equine welfare as a priority.

No state or private subsidies and no EU grant have ever been given to us.

This is an incredibly difficult time for us and we appreciate your support during the Corona virus crisis.

We need 4.900€ to cover hay expenses and buy a portable shelter

to celebrate our 5th Birthday at the end of May 2020, at our new home

Every donation matters so as to be able to cover hay expenses for the next four months total cost 2.400€

Also if we collect another 2.500€ we will be able to have for the first time our association’s first stable establishment and thus minimize our monthly expenses.

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