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They exchanged clothes to buy some hay

Updated: May 1, 2021

Last month has been one of the most difficult but also surprising helpful for our equine welfare society. In addition to all our friends who never forget our needs supporting us with regular donations, a very generous financial support from a friend who prefer to remain anonymous we managed to pay off an invoice of hay purchase that was bought in August, pay off our lawyer's fee and also we deposited an advanced payment for the purchase of hay so as to feed our equines for approximately next 5 months.

Early February, a friend from our fb page informed us that she plans to run a bazaar so as to help Ippothesis. Our surprise was huge when a few days ago she informed us she would like to meet one of our members because they had sold old clothes collecting 217 € for our association

Money was given to us within a beautiful card in which all names of everyone involved were written down. Cover of the card was decorated by an image of the yearly calendar Ranch - Eros in Agia Anna, Evia.

Ladies who organized this innovative bazaar are η Aristea Stafylaraki και Amalia Ninou

two wonderful creatures who helped us and moved us very much with this initiative. A very big thank you to each and every one who offered even 1 euro.

This is how they described their action

“Every year we clean up our wardrobes and exchange clothes among girlfriends. So this year we thought that this could be a bargain for clothes and accessories so we could raise money for Ippothesis equine welfare.

So, an online bazaar with a closed Facebook group we called "Swap clothes for some hay" was created.

And somehow it finally succeeded and the horses of Ippothesis cheered happily!

Aristea & Amalia

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