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Stomio and other abuse cases

Updated: May 1, 2021


Herd was located and police was informed by us, since according to stakehoders on this abuse case the "owner" didn't reveal where equines were.

September 2nd police informed us that the herd was examined by team of official vets of the competent area authority so as to be registered and imposition of administrative fines.

On the occasion of info that we received about malnourished horses at the area of Stomio in Korinthos, we searched our investigations and compalints archive just to find out that it is the same area, obviously the same owner, who abuses equidae since 2017.

Image we post is from our archive dated August 22 2017 and at the time there was no response from competent authorities.

We filed a complaint again, pointing out the timelessness of the crime.

The cases of equestrian abuse concern us through last days are located in the following areas: Nafplio, tragic situation of a working horse, Mavroneri Kilkis hooves in a miserable state, lack of water and shelter, Dilesi left to their own fate, Lalaouni Estate in Kifissia, nobody knows anything about crime taking place inside this area, Zephyri horses living without water permanently tied up in the sun, Veria the horse has died but the correspondence with the police continues, Lavriou Avenue for the resident of Loutsa who illegally transported equidae endangering the lives of animals and other people.

At the same time, domestic law cases are under way and we are participating in a working group of Eurogroup for Animals to review the law on the transportation of equidae.

Please keep in mind that we are all volunteers, have families, we work and we give the best we can.

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