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Santa never leaves Greece!!!!

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Foal donkey shown on video of Donkey Sanctuary, also appears in a sale ad in Greece.

Christmas spirit began last March when in an online ad where equidae – tools are sold every day without being registered since there is no electronic database and no identification for equines. Post was filled with comments such as "well done dude", "you got the best tools" and other triumphant posts.

At some point the ecstatic audience was informed that the young donkey had been sold.

A few days ago Donkey Sanctuary uploaded once more a video showing adorable donkey foals. https://www.facebook.com/TheDonkeySanctuary/videos/593125668107593/

Christmas miracle is here again…..

Same donkey which was on sale with no registration or identification papers in Greece, appears in the video of Donkey Sanctuary!!!!!!

Santa never leaves Greece!!!!

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