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People have the power

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Alexandros is looking with gratitude at all of you who are helping us. At all of you who are donating even 1€, even as much as a coffee costs.

Into a rescued horse eyes you can see greatness of his soul, you can feel warmth of his heart saying thank you for not forgetting my family in such a difficult for all humanity time.

Until March 29th through our first appeal for help in fb and then through gogetfunding platform https://gogetfunding.com/hay-shelter-funding-for-ippothesis/

We have collected following amount of money, in gogetfunding 650€

In our Alpha Bank Account € 1.690 (€1.300 are donations of two people who wish to maintain anonymity)

Total amount until today 2.340€ which means that we have paid off hay for 4 months, date of purchase February 3rd.

All donations given offline are added to the total amount at our #hay_and_shelter_funding_for_ippothesis gogetfunding page so to update in public. To all our donors we have sent a payment receipt, in case someone hasn’t provided his contact info please do so by emailing us to info.ippothesis@gmail.com

Next goal is to be able to buy an equine outdoor shelter so as to have a permanent establishment and our rescued animals will live free forgetting their abuse.

You people are our power!!!!!!

Photo credit to @faypitta Fay Pitta

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