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New horse racing code

Updated: May 1, 2021


Jockey Club of Greece announced the public consultation on the draft of a new horse racing code. The consultation concerns the bodies and the members of the racing community while the comments are sent by email.

As an association that, according to its statutory purpose, functions for the protection of equidae, we have sent our own remarks regarding the legislative gap in the new Draft of the Horse Racing Code.

We request that the legal framework be added to the New Horse Racing Code with the other details on how to fulfill the obligation of Jockey Club of Greece to ensure the well-being of the racehorses after the cessation of their racing activity.

We have already submitted in the past the same written request to the competent ministries through our legal representative.

Actually, what we are asking for is the following: traders or individuals bying and removing ex race horses are currently checked only for the legality of the means of their transportation. According to Law 2015/262, they must be registered as their new owners since they "buy" them. In case of sale of the horse and change of ownership status, the electronic database will be updated with the details of the new owner.

We would like to remind that the slaughter of equidae as well as their export for slaughter was prohibited in Greece.

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