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Ippothesis 5th Birthday

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5th Birthday!!!

Today I celebrate my first 5 years of life!!!

I was born five years ago to parents with a vision to save, to care but mainly to change the very bad legislative frame for my friends, the equine family, in Greece.

My daily routine is extremely difficult, but all of you have been helping me since the first time I opened my eyes and saw the world. Without my family and those who love me, I would not have been able to survive.

Every day we find my equine friends neglected, abused, hurt, transported in miserable conditions, living with no water, no care, exploited, advertised malnourished to be sold as tools, sometimes when they are not useful anymore they disappear. I can see the pain in their eyes, I suffer with them.

My family is trying to find grantors so we can help more of my friends, but it's almost impossible. But this word "impossible" makes us stronger.

We are trying to build our own shelter and my dream was to have it ready today for my birthday. But I didn't make it.

So I keep trying to raise the amount needed, you may support us through https://gogetfunding.com/hay-shelter-funding-for-ippothesis/

Your kind donations are more than welcomed via Paypal, info.ippothesis@gmail.com

or online Banking, ALPHA BANK


ACCOUNT : 970002002003966

IBAN : GR3101409700970002002003966

Thank you very much for your love,

Talk to you soon,


video by @netdruids https://www.netdruids.gr/?lang=el

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