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Internet volunteers

A request for volunteers on the Internet:

When you find an animal that suffers please call police and notify animal welfare associations. We all have email and apps so as to send us photos and videos. It is much preferable than to give exact location on social media of an animal with wounds as the donkey in this photo. All you get is to become famous and viral.

A few days ago there was an internet alert for an abandoned donkey but eventually proved that this animal belonged to a Monastery and was just grazing. The result of this investigation of course was not updated for days. Among the well-wishers who wanted to "help" was and equine kill buyers.

Please, when you are calling us for a “merchant” who has the coverage of all competent authorities telling us about his animals which are tied up with no shelter or food but you cannot send us photos and videos, you can't call Police, and we declare that you did what you had to do, please leave us alone. Enough is enough

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