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Babo is transformed into a new horse

Last year we were informed about a neglected horse, extremely malnourished, always tied up, without any protection living somewhere in Serres. Immediately we asked for help from our friends in the area. Maria Liga from ΚΕΘΙΣ-Κέντρο Θεραπευτικής Ιππασίας Σερρών / Hetrics agreed to give a home to this poor animal. Giannis Gkesios from Double "GG" Ranch who went with his trailer to transport the horse was shocked when he saw an almost dead animal. She is an elderly mare that we gave the name Babo, as we usually call grandmas in our country. She was moved to kETHIS where vet Nikos Diakakis had her teeth done and she started having a proper vet care propably for the first time in her life. Every month we support financially for the special mixture she needs to eat and people at KETHIS offer her so much love and protection that today she is a completely different creature. She enjoys the life she deserves...

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