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About malnourished horse at Iasmos Komotini

Updated: May 1, 2021

UPDATE 14/8/2019

According to the online announcement of the Board of Directors of Komotini Riding Club, representing Hellenic Police and Public Veterinary Services, foal at Iasmos Komotini is healthy, not malnourished, naming everybody involved in this abuse case irrelevant without knowledge of equine welfare.

As an Equine Protection Association we would like to inform that when we deal with complaints we address to the Hellenic Police as an official authority for animal abuse cases and not to riding clubs,

We insist that this foal should be examined by a veterinarian with experience in equidae, especially at such young age, in this poor condition which is not only due to lack of equine worming solution,

A 5-month-old equine cut off very early from his mother, needs special nutrition and conditions to grow up properly,

Story of finding this animal in the trash has a lot of gaps, at least for us the irrelevant association. Usually, people throw in the trash newborns and not mares, especially a mare that belongs to a wild equine herd,

We never mentioned gender of the animal or origin of the "owners", it doesn’t matter to us,

We do have sufficient knowledge on equine welfare and unlike others we are not any kind of judicature.

We would like to thank Donkeysland for their significant contribution trying to help this animal.


From the first moment we were informed and made public of photos of this poor horse found in Iasmos Komotini, we tried to understand exactly what was going on so as to help.

Today's photos of the animal are a proof of the miserable life it has violating all rules of animal welfare according to the legislation. It is not only that it hasn’t been wormed and its belly is swollen. Horse is obviously malnourished you may see its bones in the picture, dehydration is obvious for someone who has the basic knowledge. All these are clearly due to lack of adequate food and water. This picture is abuse and only.

Online statements "we love it and we found it in the trash", if is true and not yet another unwanted equine it is good to be accompanied by documents (in the relevant police station with a statement of equine finding) and acts. Sitting in a living room with a young equine while at the same time for survival and socialization reasons it should be around other equidae, doesn’t prove love for its life.

If the people who found it are poor then there are already those interested to take over.

As an equine welfare society, we have filed a written complaint about the dangers a young equine faces in such bad situation. We demand that this equine must be examined by a vet with equine knowledge. We consider that the relevant police department did not handle this case as they should, giving time for online courts and verdicts which definitely will not help this abused equine.


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